What Movies Can Teach Us

I will freely admit I love movies and tv. Something is generally playing to break the silence. Today, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is playing and I can’t help but think about a few lessons I needed reminding of.

A common cause creates unlikely friends.

Moral superiority is in the eye of the beholder.

Good eventually wins, sometimes it just takes awhile.

God loves wonderous variety.

Charity is always needed.

Watch out for people with great ambitions. They may step on you on their way up, or cut you down entirely.

True love is worth the risk.

Sieze the opportunity. You don’t know when another one will come along.


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Something New

It is a widely accepted fact that business must grow and evolve to remain competitive. New ideas and concepts must be examined and new directions explored.

I’ve added some different items to my shop, especially exploring sticker/seal making, and expanding my different gift/favor tags. I’m trying different color palettes, especially important as I love brown and it creeps into alot of different projects.

Finally, I’m trying a different kind of site. Mind you, I am keeping my Etsy shop, but I am adding some listings at the Tophatter auction site. I only have one item listed right now, but if everything goes well I’ll be listing more items soon.

Want an invitation? Just leave a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll send you one.

Happy crafting and shopping,


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Something of Me in Every Photo

One of the things that was the hardest to learn was taking good pictures. Using props. Good light. Taking the time to make them perfect. In the end, sometimes you can see my shadow.


Literally. Shiny stuff picks up my shadow, no matter how hard I try. Oh well.

I use my personal decorating bits for photo props. I love birds and have quite a few to pick from.


I’ve even “stolen” a few things from my mom to use.


I may have been a somewhat unwilling student, but in the end, I see pictures everywhere. I almost wish I could really do photography full time.

See more of my pictures in my shop www.flourishingagain.etsy.com

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Sorry to be so long!

I’ve been away for a long time. So much has changed. Major surgery on my back and out on sick leave for 2 months. It was so hard, using a walker and not being able to hardly take care of myself or to be independent. It happened overnight with all the finess of a car accident and still leaves me reeling sometimes.

Right before that, I pulled together all my shops under the Etsy shop www.flourishingagain.etsy.com I sold little under the the other shops, including one I didn’t sell any at all. What a waste of money, but now I know.

Sometimes, I feel so lackluster. Do I want to continue with this venture? Am I just depressed about how thrown off my pace I feel? I work in fits and spurts and try to feel inspired for new projects. There is this part of me that hates listing new items, just a dread I can’t understand.

I’ve put up quite a few new listings, still lots of paper. I told a friend a few days ago I shouldn’t be surprised I ended up working with paper. I have enough books to prove I loved paper in the first place!

So, we’ll see.

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Super Deals on Handmade Items! Heartsy and Etsy deals

Get amazing deals on handmade items produced by small businesses around the world. Become a member and save even more.

I have a strict budget and I can really stretch it with this site Heartsy.

I purchased personalized coasters from AngelEllie for my sister’s first anniversary and a trivet for myself.

I got a beautiful key necklace from Baronyka.

The way the site works is they and their members pick potential offers of deals and then the shop offers gift certificates at a discounted rate if they are selected. VIP members get even better deals and everyone has a say about the deals that are offered. You can pick from vintage, supplies, art, prints, jewelry, bath and body, cosmetics, and more.

So visit Heartsy and stretch your budget!

PS. Want $5 for your first purchase? Just click on the Heartsy links in my post!

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So Many Things to Do and Say

Cute Quilled Ballet Dresses against a new background I am tryingSo I may have intended to do my next post about the new gift tags I have been making but other things have been on my mind.

There has been a request to put together a large order to send overseas. Yeah money! Boo sourcing new things, not using what is in stock.

I am sending off for my sole proprietorship license from the state, a big step for me.

I have been suffering from a lack of confidence as well. I want to make beautiful things that appeal to many people, not just me. The lack of sales for the things I make is rather discouraging. I did recently sell some quilled items, which was thrilling. 5 of them to California. But all my other sales are for commercial items, paper punches and the like. It can be depressing to feel that others can’t see the beauty in the things you make and feel that investing their hard earned money in your product is worthwile.

I will continue to make items by hand and attempt to sell them, but the rude reality remains. I just try to keep telling myself “It doesn’t matter what other people do, it’s what YOU do that matters.” I have tried to apply that philosophy at work (I hate slackers!) and for my business. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far already if I did what everyone else does.

So, chin up! I know I can do this. If nothing else, I need to get the ideas out of my head so I can get some peace and quiet.

A bit of accidental art

The first picture is my quilled ballet dresses listed on Etsy. I made them awhile ago but the new background seems to really work for them. I got the music paper from my mom. She got the vintage find at an antique mall.

The second is an accidental piece of art from my “photo stand”. I have a sofa table in my living room covered with foam boards and fabric where I take my pictures. Before taking any pictures, I usually work like crazy for a few days making products and stack it there so nothing is misplaced or damaged. I had stacked some props on the table and the ribbon was on top. When I was ready to take pictures, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and perfect it looked. The ribbon is listed on Etsy as well.

Hope to see you at my shops! www.flourishingagain.etsy.com www.fancyflourishes.artfire.com www.zibbet.com/fancyflourishes www.fancyflourishes.dawanda.com

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Harry Potter, again

I will be the first to admit I use the TV for company. After living alone for a few years, the noise is a great way of filling the silence. Lately, that silence has been filled with the Harry Potter movies.

Over and over again, I watch these people grow and change before my eyes through the wonders of television while crafting at my kitchen counter. Tonight, it’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Friendships almost ripped apart and dangers survived, for the most part.

I watch them in whatever order I please. Sometimes, I watch them in order, like now. Other times, I have been watching my favorites, the Prisoner of Azkahban, the Order of the Phoenix, and the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t have the last one yet.

For some reason, these are movies I never get tired of. Some “magical” combination of timeless strife against evil and coming of age mixed with wonderful, veteran English actors and actresses and young people coming of age themselves. Every time I watch, I notice something new and fun or make a new connection to the real world.

The other day I was thinking, Voldemort is kind of like Hitler. Both of them are the opposite of the things they pontificate as true. Neither of them is physically the image of the ideal person. Voldemort is not a pure blood wizard. Hitler was not a blond hair, blue-eyed physical ideal. Both of them put out the idea that only certain people have the right to be in charge of everyone else based on physical/blood ideals. Both had no shame in physically forcing others to do what they wanted. Both are charismatic and skilled at aquiring followers. The list goes on and on.

But, it’s time to get back to the movie and creating more fun stuff. Next time, new gift tags!

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