Hello world!

Seems with all the gushing about social media, a person has to be involved to get noticed and get those 15 minutes of fame. I do have 4 shops, one on Etsy.com, one on Artfire.com, one on Zibbet.com, and one on Dawanda.com. My Dawanda site: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/fancyflourishes is a UK based site in an attempt to reach more people in that part of the world, not very successfully yet. On Artfire: www.fancyflourishes.artfire.com I get the best deal for selling, but don’t get the most sales. Trying to figure out how to change that. Zibbet is somewhat like Artfire, but newer. www.zibbet.com/fancyflourishes. Etsy.com: www.flourishingagain.etsy.com offers the biggest volume of traffic and sales, and costs the most!

I love papercrafting and selling items to help people create the special vision living inside their minds. Harder than it sounds. I’m hoping I can show some beautiful paper art and maybe give some how-to advice as well. Hmm.

Thes guys are a sample of some of my favorite work, quilling. They are listed on my Artfire shop.


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