Crafting with my Mom

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My mom moved in with me a few months ago. My youngest brother finally left home and she had an empty nest in a tiny Minnesota town and a job with lots of personality conflicts. So she got a new job and we decided to live together to save money, and she  didn’t want to  apartment shop. Don’t blame her.

We have always been a thrifty and crafty family. I grew up with clothes that were often handmade and many gifts were made, not bought. We are carrying on the tradition to this day.

My mom has never done any papercrafting but I think she might have the bug. I was crafting at the kitchen counter one day and she asked to try the project. She made 2 tags, the far left and middle in the picture, with a little help. It was fun to work together and give advice on creating a small project after watching her quilt and sew for many years. We were very pleased with the results, although where they will go is uncertain. Most of the fun was just watching her fall in love with this fun hobby, especially after I got a homemade valentine she made a couple weeks after we did this project. We bounced ideas of each other about colors and embellishments, what glue would be best, everything. She will go back to fixing and distressing discarded furniture this summer but will never forget the fun of these tiny crafts.


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