Something New-Seam Binding Ribbon

I am constantly looking for something new to try. I bought some hand dyed seam binding ribbon in November or December last year and loved the distressed, varigated look that still had a smooth surface. It was easy to work with and really complimented my projects. But I wasn’t ready to make it yet.

Then I started looking around. Several shops on Etsy were selling seam binding ribbon and I thought they were lovely. But upon closer inspection, I realized they were simply wetting commercial seam binding ribbon and selling it! I was not going to settle for that and decided to dye my own. I had several colors of water-based dye inks and I purchased seam binding ribbon of my own to dye. The experiments began.

I have learned about wetting ribbon. Don’t use too much water, everything bleeds and then drys funny.

Measure ribbon and separate the sections with safety pins before dying. Crinkled ribbon measures poorly.

Going back over damp ribbon with more dye adds uneven colors great for a hand dyed look.

Multiple colors produced unpredictable, beautiful colors! Everything is unique.

Patience is a wonderful thing, if you can handle the stress of waiting and wondering.

Stamp pads are an unexpected source of color. Rub them over ribbon.

Experiment with spritzing and spraying.

A little hot air will speed the process if necessary.

Share them with your family. They will measure the quality truly.

Create with your heart. It will show.

Create with joy. It will show.

Be honest with your results. Some unexpected surprises are the best. Call them happy accidents.

If they never sell, don’t be afraid.

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