Super Deals on Handmade Items! Heartsy and Etsy deals

Get amazing deals on handmade items produced by small businesses around the world. Become a member and save even more.

I have a strict budget and I can really stretch it with this site Heartsy.

I purchased personalized coasters from AngelEllie for my sister’s first anniversary and a trivet for myself.

I got a beautiful key necklace from Baronyka.

The way the site works is they and their members pick potential offers of deals and then the shop offers gift certificates at a discounted rate if they are selected. VIP members get even better deals and everyone has a say about the deals that are offered. You can pick from vintage, supplies, art, prints, jewelry, bath and body, cosmetics, and more.

So visit Heartsy and stretch your budget!

PS. Want $5 for your first purchase? Just click on the Heartsy links in my post!


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