Sorry to be so long!

I’ve been away for a long time. So much has changed. Major surgery on my back and out on sick leave for 2 months. It was so hard, using a walker and not being able to hardly take care of myself or to be independent. It happened overnight with all the finess of a car accident and still leaves me reeling sometimes.

Right before that, I pulled together all my shops under the Etsy shop I sold little under the the other shops, including one I didn’t sell any at all. What a waste of money, but now I know.

Sometimes, I feel so lackluster. Do I want to continue with this venture? Am I just depressed about how thrown off my pace I feel? I work in fits and spurts and try to feel inspired for new projects. There is this part of me that hates listing new items, just a dread I can’t understand.

I’ve put up quite a few new listings, still lots of paper. I told a friend a few days ago I shouldn’t be surprised I ended up working with paper. I have enough books to prove I loved paper in the first place!

So, we’ll see.


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